CSS LivePOS® Cloud Computing POS Solutions

CSS LivePOS is Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of a real time retail management solution tailored for the specialty retail industry. We strive to develop and provide the best point of sale systems that are relevant to our clients' needs and are easy to understand and easy to use.
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Majority of our clients are specialty retail owners to whom we offer a turn-key solution that combines Hardware, Service, and Support that would allow them to manage their business efficiently, anytime and anywhere, LIVE!
Mon Sep 1

Affordable Point of Sale

Errors cause delays and can be a bad buying experience for your customers. Avoid those errors with the use of a Real Time Cloud POS at your cashier and instead, you’ll be able to provide better service to your customers. Learn how we can help your business. Visit us at http://www.LivePOS.com!

Sun Aug 31

Retail Point of Sale

Having a LivePOS Cloud Computing Point of Sale lets you enjoy both the benefits of a web-based and software based software giving you a great advantage for your business! Visit us at http://www.LivePOS.com!

Thu Aug 28

Cloud Point of Sale

Provide a quick service to your customers with a Cloud Point of Sale at your kiosk or cart! Provide your Business with a Real Time POS and experience an easier management of your sales and inventories. Learn more at http://www.LivePOS.com!

Wed Aug 27

Cloud POS System

With a modern Cloud POS at your kiosk or carts, headaches are lessened and more time and money are saved. See how we provide our customers with lots of benefits from our Live Point of Sale System! Visit us at http://www.LivePOS.com!

Tue Aug 26

Cloud POS Solution

With our Cloud-Computing POS, business is now a lot easier. Lets us take care of your business like no other POS provider can! Learn more at http://www.LivePOS.com!