CSS LivePOS® Cloud Computing POS Solutions

CSS LivePOS is Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of a real time retail management solution tailored for the specialty retail industry. We strive to develop and provide the best point of sale systems that are relevant to our clients' needs and are easy to understand and easy to use.
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Majority of our clients are specialty retail owners to whom we offer a turn-key solution that combines Hardware, Service, and Support that would allow them to manage their business efficiently, anytime and anywhere, LIVE!
Sun Sep 21

Cloud POS

One of the key features of a cloud computing POS is that you can have access with your store’s information from anywhere you are with just the use of an internet. View your sales, inventory and even what’s happening at your store with any internet browser and keep updated on your business! Learn more at http://www.LivePOS.com!

Thu Sep 18


Have the power to manage your business right at your own place, at your own time! With a Cloud Computing Point of Sale system at your cashier, you can monitor your store’s operations through your online dashboard. Learn more at http://www.LivePOS.com!

Wed Sep 17

Enterprise POS

Avoid employee errors, product wastage, and theft. Use a Cloud Computing Point of Sale system for your store and improve your overall store operations! Learn more at http://www.LivePOS.com!

Tue Sep 16

Windows POS

LivePOS provides the latest Cloud Computing Point of Sale technology for the specialty retail industry. We offer a complete set of POS solution which consists of hardware, software plus a 24/7 technical support! Visit us at http://www.LivePOS.com and see how we can help your business!

Mon Sep 15

Windows Tablet POS

Improve your marketing strategies with the use of a Cloud Point of Sale system. Send letters, emails, or even invites to your current customers based from their last purchase! Point of Sale systems are now capable of saving customers information that can further be used as a marketing tool to improve your sales! Learn more at http://www.LivePOS.com!