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CSS LivePOS is Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of a real time retail management solution tailored for the specialty retail industry. We strive to develop and provide the best point of sale systems that are relevant to our clients' needs and are easy to understand and easy to use.
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Majority of our clients are specialty retail owners to whom we offer a turn-key solution that combines Hardware, Service, and Support that would allow them to manage their business efficiently, anytime and anywhere, LIVE!
Mon Apr 14

Small Business POS

For any kind of company or business, LivePOS Cloud Point of Sale system always help out to designed in managing and increasing the sale of retail products. It also provides powerful search facility using item code and has an extensive serial number tracking system along with expiration codes.

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Sun Apr 13

Cart Point of Sale

LivePOS Cloud Point of Sale Solution is an essential tool required for the management of your business’ daily operations. The equipment has made significant improvements in how your business operates. Its remarkable improvements have been made in the area of inventory and sales for your retail business.

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Thu Apr 10

Mall Kiosk Point of Sale

CSS Cloud POS system sets your two primary goals in establishing your business. The first is to increase profit and sales and the second is to decrease cost and expenses as much as possible. These two goals can be accomplished with the help of LivePOS Cloud Point of Sale Solution.

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Wed Apr 9

Live Point of Sale

Running a business has been given ease through the use of a POS system. It makes the processes a lot easier and quicker allowing your business to run as smoothly as possible. As important as customer relationship management software, LivePOS Cloud Point of Sale has been created to give the owners a room for more secure business transactions for the benefit of the trade he/she is running.

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Mon Apr 7

Specialty Retail Point of Sale

LivePOS point of sale system machines and internet merchant services consider increasing interest in your products and stimulating more sales. It will immediately help to improve sales potential by giving your customers more flexibility with how they can pay for what they purchase. Learn more at http://www.LivePOS.com